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    The college boasts an outstanding faulty group. So far, we have total 163 faculty members, including 18 professors, 41 associate professors, 47 lecturers, 34 teaching assistants, among them, there are 3 doctorial supervisors and 23 postgraduate supervisors. Besides, 1 acts as the vice president of Chinese Stomatological Association and 25 members (including 7 standing members) in various specialized stomatological committees.

    The college strives to optimize teaching faculty. It takes the advantage of “Bringing in and Going out”, sending prominent teachers to other provinces in China or abroad for further studies. At the same time, the college also appoints well-known dental experts and professors from mainland China, America, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, as well as areas like Taiwan and Hongkong as visiting professors. Besides, the college invites foreign dentists to give professional dental English lectures to the students at regular intervals. So far, we have appointed 26 visiting professors and associate professors.