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Student Life


There is no way to escape the fact that life as a dental student is loaded with class lectures, tons of clinical work, labs, assignments, exams and years of studying…however student life in the GXMU College of Stomatology is also about getting involved in campus life with a wide variety of activities, such as volunteering activities, fun competitions, etc. in which students can embark on new experiences and grow up faster and better. A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to the students, faculty and staff at the GXMU College of Stomatology. All of us in campus life strive to create a humane and collaborative environment that is welcoming and hospitable to everyone who lives, works, and studies at the college. Campus activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each community member to express his or her talents, promoting soundness of mind, body and spirit, facilitating individual growth, balancing freedom with responsibility and accountability, and advancing the pursuit of excellence.