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To assist kindergartens in Guangxi improving the health of kids’ teeth

To monitor the situation of kids’ oral health

To teach kids good habits to protect the teeth



Data collection:

Staff in the College are sent to the kindergartens to check kids’ teeth and do questionnaire survey.

Analyze and plan:

According to the data, faculty make a plan to carry out in the kindergartens.

Oral health education:

Set courses for kids, parents, nurses, teachers and school doctors. Every child is provided a tooth brush and fluoride toothpaste.


One year later, 90% staff and parents are trained with dental knowledge; dental health course is set up at kids teaching program; diet healthy for teeth is adopted; and dental protective facilities are equipped.

Two years later, the number of kids who brush teeth twice per day and use fluoride toothpaste is increased; the consumption rate of sugar food and drinks is decreased.

Three years later, the number of dental caries and the maxillofacial trauma is decreased


The Kindergarten who passes the evaluation will be recognized by the Guangxi government as “Guangxi Oral Healthy kindergarten”.