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Guangxi Rural Children’s Oral Health Promotion” Project


The third epidemiological investigation of oral health throughout the country in 2008 showed that the dental caries (commonly known as tooth decay) prevalence rate of 5-year-old children in Guangxi was 83.4%, which was far higher than the national average of 66%. The caries prevalence rate of children in rural areas was as high as 89.9%. There was an average of 6 dental caries per child, and 99.4% of children were untreated. Furthermore, parents and children have rare awareness of dental care. 84% of parents who has a 5-year-old child do not know what pit and fissure sealant is. 80% of 12-year-old children have no idea of fluoride water and toothpaste. Only 32% of 12-year-old children brush twice per day. For national oral health, we must start with children.


“Guangxi Rural Children’s Oral Health Promotion” Project started on October 18, 2010 in Dahua County.


Staff of our College will be sent to rural areas in Guangxi to:


Teach students in primary school how to brush their teeth;


Offer free 2 toothbrushes and 2 toothpastes for every student there each year;


Educate them dental health knowledge. It will be part of compulsory education in rural primary school.


This Project seems simple but there are so many and so poor students in rural areas. To help them to get into a good habit of dental hygiene is a real challenge. However, the College staff will generously donate their time to work on the Project and do what they can do to help those rural children.