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Dear colleagues and friends,

    College of Stomatology, Guangxi Medical University, as the central link between community, professional organizations, and dental industry, plays a crucial role in promoting the oral health of the public in Guangxi. As the leading dental school in Guangxi province, we understand that its significance and reputation is closely connected to the quality of our educational programs, research culture and community engagement.

    Since established in 1978, the College has brought up groups of excellent and skilled dental professionals to serve in our communities. Enjoying the first-rate resources to conduct dental education and research and provide dental care in Guangxi, we are striving to provide our students and faculty with the best possible environment for their future career and personal development. Taking the patient as our focus, we work every day to reach the goal that everyone can enjoy the benefit of oral health.

    Bearing in mind the mission of our college: to advance oral health through outstanding education, research and community service, we are looking forwards to making new contributions to the future of dentistry. Devoted to be one of the nation’s best dental schools, the College will continue doing what we do well and to do it even better by delivering superior education, ground-breaking research, prominent dental care and outstanding community service to meet the diverse needs of the people of Guangxi, China, as well as the whole world. We will never cease to pursue bold and new challenges, and I invite you to join us in our journey as we take the steps into the future.