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Innovate Teaching Mode of English in Stomatology, Deepen Internationalization of Stomatological Education

March 24th, 2014, Professor Zhou Zhaomao from College of Dental Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, and Dr. Ebinger from Washington University, USA paid a visit to our college together with 7 Kaohsiung Medical University students. This is the third time that these two professors give lectures in our college since we first offer the course of “English in Stomatology” with the purpose of cultivating dental talents and optimizing talents cultivation program. The teaching faculty and students in our college engaged in a brand-new English learning experience offered by the two professors.


During the two-day lecture, Professor Zhou and Dr. Ebinger shared with the students English prononciation, clinical English coversation and English expressions in stomatology. In the class, Professor Zhou explained pronunciational rules in a simple way. And Dr. Ebinger impressed the students with his native pronunciation and rendered students with langugae skills and basic theory on stomatology. After class, 7 Kaohsiung Medical University students shared their lecture notes with our students. They spoke highly of the teaching equipment in our college and claimed that this exchange had been a rewarding one.