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College of Stomatology Took the Lead in Applying 3D Technique to Undergraduate Clinical Teaching

Under the leadership of Professor Zhou Nuo, College of Stomatology has long been attaching great importance to educational reform, research and the introduction of new technique and method. Nov.12th, 2014 marked the first day that the college applied imaging technology of full high definition 3D to clinical teaching, yielding good results and being well received by teachers and students.

      It is well known that dental education cannot be seperated from clinical observation and demonstration. However, during every demonstration only a few students can see it clearly due to short dental operation distance, narrow view and impediment of equipment and appliance. Traditional two-dimentional image cannot vividly manifest the layers of intraoral tissues. On the contrary, 3D virtual imaging can fill the gap so as to make it easier for students to understand every step during the operation, thus increasing students’ comprehensive ability and teachers’ teaching quality.

        Innovation has been the longtime pursuit of College of Stomatology. In recent years, the teaching faculty of College of Stomatology led by vice president Zhou Nuo, have constantly innovated teaching model and put forward a conception of “Seamless Connection”, and innovative teaching model for undergraduates which means the integration of theory teaching, practical and skill training. It was awarded the special award of provincial teaching achivement in 2012. In 2014, we applied for a provincial educational reform project named “Application of Web3D in Stomatological Education”. After six months’ research and development, we have overcome a series of problems in regard to realtime transmission, full high definition 3D vedio synthesis, PPT making of 3D courseware and intraoral 3D macro photography technique. We also built a vedio on demand system which can broadcast online the on-going operations and lectures to students in 3D classroom. This teaching practice with web3D technique takes the lead in the world. At present, the college plans to apply this 3D technique to dental teaching in an all around way and compile 3D textbooks in stomatology so as to make positive contribution to deepening reform on undergraduate education.