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To Care for Dental Health of Our Children, To Protect the Future of Our Motherland

From Jun. 15th to 16th, 2015, a team consisting of 18 dental experts led by professor Zhou Nuo, Vice President of GXMU and Dean of College of Stomatology, Chen Guotang, Associate Consultant of Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission and leaders and medical staff from local Public Health Bureau, Disease Control Center and medical institutions came to Zhong Xin Primary School, Hua Tong Twon, Jingxi County for carrying out 4th phase of Constraction and Operation Project on Demonstration Base of Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Dental Disease in Ethnic Areas. They carried out the promotion of dental health including dental check-up, health education and questionnaire survey, and visited local Public Health Bureau as to lay scientfic basis for futher formulation and adjustment of working strategies.

Since the project was first carried out in Jingxi County in Aug. 2011, it has come to the 4th phase after completing pre-survey, baseline survey, implementation of comprehensive dental intervention measures and preliminary project appraisal. Under the leadership and support of government departments of all levels, and with the effort made by Dean Zhou Nuo and Deputy Dean Tao Renchuan in the past 3 years, Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Dental Disease mode suitable for Guangxi ethnic areas initially took shape. That is the integrated partnership of administrative departments of health and education, Disease Prevention and Control Center, institutions of higher learning, stomatological hospitals, dental clinics, enterprises and media with the government as the leader and a working system of concrete measures implementation of project of detal disease prevention and control to administrative areas of all levels with the current existing network system as the mainlin. In the meantime, comprehensive prevention and control mode was adopted to promote the application of comprehensive prevention and control of dental diseases measures by way of standardized training, dental health policy making and education in various forms, achiving the goal of preventing and controling dental diseases.

So far, there are 1500 medical works having received standardized training in Jingxi demonstration area and 60% dentists who have mastered the standardized technique in comprehensive prevention and control mode of dental diseases. The popularity rate of dental health, accuracy rate of brushing teeth and completion rate of public dental health archives all exceed 60%. 70% primary students brush their teeth twice a day with the usage rate of toothpaste with fluoride being 70%. Preliminary data show that children’s caries prevalence rate in Jingxi County is lower than that of the control group in Debao County. After years’ endeavor, students’ dental hygiene has been largely improved and children’s caries prevalence rate has decreased significantly.

The expert team not only checked up students’ health condition and gave lectures on oral health, but also donated 1104 toothpastes, 1100 brochure on dental health, 1800 book marks, 112 CDs and so on.