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 The affiliated hospital of GXMUCS covers a wide range of disciplines and offers excellent dental care to the patients. The hospital has 9 clinical departments, 1 general dentistry department, 6 paramedical departments and 1 dental technical laboratory as the main parts, with over 170 comprehensive dental chairs. Besides, it has 2 general dental clinics outside the hospital to offer convenience to the nearby patients in the community. As the main provider of oral health care and service in the region, on average, the hospital sees about 220,000 outpatients.

In particular, the hospital has 3 wards in the in-patient department, with 100 open beds, which mainly provide treatment to the diseases like maxillofacial tumors, craniofacial plastic surgery, trauma and infection, etc. It serves approximately 1,500 in-patients each year. Our experienced faculty and staff are always committed to providing superior medical service to the patients and creating favorable environment and opportunities to the students for their learning and clinical practice.