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Implant Complications and Its Management

2014/11/20 11:34:18 | by Administor | Administration Office

Date: November 20, 2014 – Thursday

Time: 09:00-11:00

Venue: Lecture Hall, 9 Floor, Inpatient Building, College of Stomatology, Guangxi Medical University


“I had an implant surgery yesterday, still feel numb, is this normal?” “I have burning sensation two days after surgery, is this normal?”“My jaw hurts, when I bite down with implant tooth, is this normal?” This lecture will cover implant emergency after surgery, complications before after uncover procedure, failing mechanical biological complications.  Cases questions presented to the audience, will be answered by the participant, the lecturer will lead a direction to the possible answer of etiology help to find the solution.

Speaker Biography:

Prof. Dayen Peter Wang, Dean of College of Oral Medicine, Taipei Medical University (TMU). Before working at TMU, he had been the Associate Dean of the College of Dental Medicine of Columbia University, USA since 1992, the President of Chinese American Dental Association (CADA) since 1993. He is also the visiting professor of many well-known universities both at home abroad, including Tokyo Medical Dental University, Hokkaido University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Peking Union Medical University, Xi'an Medical University, etc. He is not only highly accomplished in his major, but also keen on the technical exchanges collaboration between China the United States. He is the first expert to introduce foreign dental planting technology to China.


 (Edited by Chen Xiawei)