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History at a Glance

2018/8/10 15:30:01 | by Administor | Administration Office

GXMUCS was developed respectively from the Section of Dentistry of Guangxi Medical College. Through its years of development, the College has evolved, thrived  and  witnessed a number of notable changes.

1935 - Set up Section of Dentistry

1978 - Established Stomatological Discipline and launched 5-year Bachelor Degree Program

1983 - Established Department of Stomatology in Guangxi Medical College

1985 - Launched 3-year graduate course in stomatology

1992 - Began to enroll international students

1993 - Founded the affiliated Hospital of Stomatology, Guangxi Medical University.

1998 - Renamed as College of Stomatology, Guangxi Medical University.

2001 - Rated as the “National First-Class” specialized stomatological hospital by China’s Ministry of Health.

2002 - Approved as the Practical Skill Examination Training Base for Dentists of Guangxi.

2007 - Launched 3-year Doctoral Degree Program.

2008 - Conferred as China-ASEAN International College of Stomatolgy, Guangxi Medical University.

2010 - Approved as the Practical Skill Examination Training Base of National Dental Board Examination.

2017 - Approved as National Standerdized Training Base for Dental Residents

2018 - Approved as National Standardized Training Base for Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons



Guangxi Medical College in 1935

The First Graduates in 1981