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Global Engagement

2018/11/1 15:18:36 | by Administor | Administration Office

Being a great dental school means stretching beyond the laboratory classroom. For many years, GXMUCS has established a strong track record for developing and implementing community programs to serve individuals with limited access to dental care. The faculty, students and alumni are actively involved as dental professionals and serve the larger community through outreach community service programs. Various outreach programs and activities are directed at disseminating proven scientific knowledge about dental disease prevention and oral health promotion and delivering preventative dentistry services to people living in urban and rural areas throughout the region as well as providing valuable experience for our students.

In December 2016 March 2018, GXMUCS sent two dental expert teams to provide voluntary dental service for the students in ASEAN member states including Cambodia and Laos, benefiting around 700 students in total. The activities have strengthened local students' awareness of oral health care.


Foreign Medical Aid in the Niger

Providing voluntary dental service in Cambodia

Providing voluntary dental service in Laos